6 SEO Trends Of This Year That You Must Follow

Search engines keep on changing their algorithms. You should know these changes and adapt your SEO strategy accordingly. You should know the right way to optimize your website so that it is ranked higher than the competitors. This year you must follow the following SEO trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

It is an open-source protocol which will let you develop pages that can load instantly on your mobile devices. Just by making some structural changes, you will be able to make your website load four times faster. Also, it will use less than eight times data. Google now favors sites that use AMPs.

Dense content

People don’t like reading same content repeatedly with just change of words. Before, short contents were preferred. But now the trend is to have long content so that a topic is covered comprehensively. You should focus on providing as much information as possible within a small space; that is dense content.

More focus on personal branding

If you have a personal brand, it will be easier for you to secure guest posts. You can build user trust and drive more traffic to your site. This year it is expected that more companies will take advantage of personal branding. This will lead to more opportunities and thus more competition.

User Experience Optimization (UEO)

Google likes sites that are optimized well for mobile devices, takes less time to load, and users spend more time on it. This year more emphasis will be given to user experience about mobile devices. So, Google will prefer sites that provide better user experience.

More apps

Over the last few years, there has been a great increase in the SEO options that are present for mobile apps. Now app indexing, linking to content inside the app, etc. are possible. Users can stream app content now without downloading the app to their devices. This year it seems that Google will favor apps.

Popularity of personal digital assistants

Personal digital assistants are a commonplace now. Tools like Cortana and Siri have made our lives easier. It has increased the number of verbal queries. So we can expect new types of search this year, and websites will get new ranking opportunities.

Google is very unpredictable; still, these trends are likely to be present this year. You should make a plan and wait to see how these trends can affect your SEO campaign in future.