7 SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

SEO is a very popular online marketing tool that most businesses are using now. SEO can rank your page higher in the search engine results pages. But you need to implement the correct SEO strategy for it. Not all businesses use SEO properly. They often make mistakes in their on-page and off-page SEO. Here are seven common SEO mistakes that businesses make. You should avoid making these mistakes at all cost.

Unnatural and spammy links

Now the trend is to focus on quality over quantity. In the past, there were companies who used to sell links. These links don’t work anymore. Google wants the links to be natural. You can no longer use content spinning techniques to write contents. You will get caught if you generate unnatural and spammy links. Instead, you should spend more time on implementing SEO strategies. You should generate links through lots of high quality posts, infographics, etc.

Over usage of keywords

This mistake is made by those who are new to SEO. Google wants the content to have a clear keyword, but if you use the keyword too much, then you will get a red flag. Your content will look spammy. Your content must sound natural. So, the keyword should not appear too many times in your content.

Content without focusing on keyword

Your content should focus on one keyword or topic. If you try to cover various topics in your post, the relevancy of the article disappears. Google shows the most relevant results on its search engine results pages. So, you should make sure that your content is highly targeted towards one specific topic or keyword.

Duplicate content

Creating duplicate content is a big mistake. This type of content won’t rank well. You should take time and go through the details of your topic; otherwise, you will leave behind important things like adding external links or mentioning sources, etc. Your content should be detailed. A study tells that contents that are 2200 to 2400 words long get to the first page of Google’s search engine results pages.

Too many grammatical and spelling errors

Your content must be without grammatical and spelling errors. If there are too many such errors, the content will be hard to read, and people will tend to leave the page. You should remember that anything that gives the user a bad experience will lead to lowering the rank of the page. You should take the time to double check or triple check your content.

Web site that is non-friendly

The number of mobile users is increasing. Most people use mobile to search for the products or services they want to buy. Google wants the customers to have a good mobile experience. So, your website must be mobile friendly.

Slow speed of website

Google places emphasis on the speed of the website. If the page takes a long time to open, then the user will navigate away from the page. So, the rank of the website will drop.

Before finalizing your website, you should go through these points. You should avoid the above mistakes so that your site’s performance and ranking are not affected.